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Möchtest Du Dein English vertiefen mit dem entspannten Klang des australischen Slangs? Wir bieten Dir Sprachurlaub in den wichtigsten Städten Australiens.


Universal English College

ELS is one of Australia’s leading English language schools with over 22 years of experience in teaching English courses to international students. ELS aims to contribute in a meaningful way to the future of our highly diversified international society.

Through our provision of quality English courses and excellent services for international students, our contribution to global development will be our graduates. Having enhanced their English language capability and inter-cultural understanding with us, they will be well placed to communicate effectively across a range of cultures, and to help build the future. Details

Navitas English

Navitas is one of the largest and most respected of Australia’s quality English language providers offering English language tuition and teacher training to domestic and international students.

Navitas operates across 18 Australian locations and in Singapore, employs more than 1,000 dedicated staff and delivers programs to than 25,000 students and clients each year. Navitas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navitas Ltd, which is a publicly listed Australian company delivering university programs, English language training and settlement services, workforce education, and student recruitment services for tertiary institutions. Details

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