Referenzen Au-pair in den USA

Seit 1986 betreut unsere Partner-Organisation in den USA tausende Au-pairs aus 40 verschiedenen Ländern der Welt. Folgend einige unkommentierte Zitate der Au-pairs.

“I don’t even have the possibility to get homesick since I found such a good family here. I don’t feel like I’m working but more as a sister of the children who takes care of them and helps in the household and that’s a great feeling to be accepted as a family member." (Deutschland)

“My host family is great and being an au pair is a wonderful experience. I wanted to learn more about the culture and way of life. I have the opportunity to discover famous places and to do a lot of things like theater and museums.” (Frankreich)

"Dear InterExchange, I’d like to thank you for a wonderful year I could spent with my great host family from New Jersey. I had so much fun out there. I’ve met such nice people. My host parents were the nicest people I’ve ever known and the girls, Christine and Stephanie, the cutest. They treated me as their third daughter, I could always count on them. I didn’t travel a lot during the year because I preferred to spend this time out there in New Jersey. Although I was in Boston, Washington, Philadelphia and almost every weekend I spent in NYC. We all had such a great time. I was really sad when I was leaving, I felt like I’m leaving a part of me there. But my host mom told me very nice words. She said that I’d be always a part of their family, They’ll keep me in their hearts forever because I’m special for them. She added also that she knows that one day I’ll visit them and that I’m always more than welcome in their home. That was so sweet! I forgot to write but they made me a welcome and goodbye party, wasn’t that cute?! Now I’m in Poland with my family, also very happy. But if someone asks me if you like to go back there once again, I’d certainly say YES. I’d like to say THANK YOU to all of you once again for giving me the chance to go to the U.S.A. I’ll never forget it!!" (Polen)

“It was quite hard at the beginning but now I really feel a part of the family and enjoy being an au pair.” (Belgien)

"Dear InterExchange, I'm Stella Davidyan - an au pair from Colorado, where I was lucky to work for such wonderful people. I came back to Armenia and feel like I'm a new person. I had the best experience and memories and I can't stop telling everybody how great this program is. It gave me the opportunity to find a good job, which is very hard to do in our country. And I have to tell my special thanks to the local coordinator who did everything, even more than possible, for we feel as comfortable and happy. I had a beautiful experience in all meanings. I'm very grateful! And at the end I want to note that I brought with me (in Armenia) so many good and kind cultural values and habits, which are helping me in so many ways. Many, many thanks!" (Armenien)

"My ideas about being an au pair fit completely with the job I am doing here. My host parents and the kids treated me as a member of their family from the first day on.” (Deutschland)

“I was an au pair for a family in Michigan. My year is over and I have to say it was the best year ever! I had a great time and a wonderful experience. My host family was the best and I love them so much! I learned a lot about myself this year, what I can be and what I am able to do! Debra Martin was my local coordinator and she’s great! She was always there in times of need and always willing to help! Our cluster is very happy to have someone like her, she’s very special. Thank you for letting me be a part of Au Pair USA, it was truly an honor!" (Südafrika)

“I can say that I am part of my host family and I think that that’s great! There is plenty about my culture that I share with my family. I teach the children a folk song from my country and I prepare a typical meal from my country. My family is also anxious to share aspects of American culture with me.” (Polen)

“Dear InterExchange Team, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my year as an Au Pair in America! It was a great and wonderful experience, which I don’t want to miss in my way of life, even if I had ‘my ups and downs’ during that year. But I guess that’s normal! Thank you for the good support during my year! Your organization and all the co-workers are really great! Lots of greetings from Germany!" (Deutschland)

“Firstly I would like to thank everyone who makes this program such a wonderful reality for so many girls and families! I have gained so much, emotionally, spiritually and physically from au pairing in the USA. My family has been and still are fantastic, supportive lovely and understanding. I wish for InterExchange never to stop what they are doing… which is give girls like me the experience of the wonderful United States!" (Südafrika)

“I have good contact with my host parents and I like the children very much. I have time to visit my friends, see some parts of the USA and I have the possibility to learn more English.” (Polen)